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a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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oh my fucking god


oh my fucking god

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Sehun in Die Jungs

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The stories these eyes could tell.

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it is time.

soon the era of pumpkin will fall and the northern winds whisper

peppermint everything

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Look at this


I’ve never made this connection before…at the beginning of DH Hermione tells Ron and Harry how a wizard who’d split his soul could heal himself, save himself…remorse

oh, harry

Harry James you precious baby

I’ve read this second bit before, the whole try for some remorse thing, and thought it was just a Harry stabbing in the dark, but nO

It was so calculated

He remembered that conversation

Hermione’s research

actual, possible redemption for Voldemort

he kept that hope, however slim, that Voldemort could be saved

before they cast their final curses, after all that happened, Harry was actually trying to get Voldemort to mend himself back together

Harry james potter you compassionate jerk trying to save your mortal enemy before he utterly and finally destroys himself

This is everything

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Interviewer: Did you do a lot of your own stunts?

Anthony Mackie: I did a bunch of the stuff leading up to the stunts. I tried to do one stunt and I ran into a parked car, face-first.

Interviewer: The directors were telling me— I asked if there were any close calls and that was the one situation they brought up!

AM: [Laughs] No, but they tricked me. First of all, no one— if I tell you to fly, you’re not going to know how to fly ‘cause as humans, we don’t fly. So they tell me they’re going to raise me up ten feet and let me go. I swing in, land on my feet, and walk and talk…. so they pulled me up ten feet and said ‘how do you feel?’ and I said ‘I feel good!’ But I keep going up! They pull me up forty feet off the ground and I’m like ‘THIS DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT!’ [Laughs] And they let me go. And I’m coming down at like….mach 2, right? And I look at Chris [Evans]’s face and he goes… “You’re going to die.”


-Anthony Mackie, interview with Access Hollywood

Guys, watch this WHOLE THING. He’s fucking hilarious. 

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Second the rec for the video, Mackie’s retelling of this story is fucking GOLD

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He’s so funny. He does not understand why she doesn’t get it. He’s a national treasure.

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Sam Smith - Not In That Way 

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You’re too mean, I don’t like you, fuck you anyway
You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs

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